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Is there an expiration date on apple juice? Does apple juice expire? How long does unopened apple juice last? Does refrigerating apple juice change its taste or nutritional content? All these questions seem to be floating in my mind as I prepare a grocery list.

Does Apple Juice Go Bad?

apple juice/image from
apple juice/image from

The short answer is that apple juice does go bad, but it can be stored for a long time if properly sealed.

Apple juice, like most fruit juices, contains natural sugars and will quickly ferment if left open in a warm environment.

How Long Does Apple Juice Last ?

The liquid within should be consumed or frozen within 7-10 days of the container being opened. You should consume freshly squeezed apple juice on the day it was created. However, if that is not feasible, it may be stored in the refrigerator for about 3–5 days.

How to Store Apple Juice?

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The best way to store apple juice is in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Apple juice has a relatively short shelf life and should be used within one to two weeks of opening the bottle. If you are not going to drink all of it, pour out what you can use and then cover the rest with water or juice from another bottle. This will prevent spoilage and keep air from entering your apple juice.

Storing opened apple juice in the refrigerator also prevents oxidation, which can cause flavor changes over time. It also prevents any bacteria growth, if there are any in there already.

If you are not going to use it within two weeks, freeze it immediately after opening. You can freeze up to 1/2 gallon of apple juice at a time and still get good results when thawed out later on.

Can You Freeze Apple Juice?

Yes, you can freeze apple juice. When you freeze it, it will separate into three layers – the watery layer on the bottom, a middle layer of cloudy liquid and a top layer of solid white chunks.

freeze apple juice
freeze apple juice

This happens because the sugars in the apple juice crystallize when they are cooled, much like how rock candy forms when you boil water and sugar together. The crystals aren’t harmful at all – they just look strange!

If you want to keep your applesauce looking like applesauce, don’t heat it after it’s frozen. Instead, thaw it slowly in the refrigerator so that the crystals melt back into solution before they have a chance to settle at the bottom of your container again.

How To Freeze Apple Juice

The best way to store apple juice is in the freezer. This will allow you to preserve your apple juice for up to two weeks.

Step 1

Wash the apples before you begin juicing them so that there are no traces of dirt or pesticides on them.

Step 2

Juice the apples by using a juicer or food processor and add water as needed to adjust the consistency of the juice. The final amount of water used will depend on how thick you want your juice to be.

Step 3

Strain out any pulp from your apple juice using cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer and then pour it into mason jars or plastic containers. Make sure that there are no chunks left in your juice because they will make it more difficult for you to freeze later on down the road.

Step 4

Let your apple juice cool down before placing it into the freezer so that it doesn’t cause any melting issues when you put everything away later on down the road.

How Long Does Apple Juice Last in the Fridge?

If you buy fresh, unpasteurized apple juice, you can keep it in the freezer for up to six months. Just be sure you get it in there within three to five days.

Pasteurized apple juice in a can has a shelf life of around two years after opening. It’s best to store apple juice in a can in a container with a tight lid.

Apple juice in a bottle has a shelf life of 12-18 months, depending on how well you keep it. If you want to keep it fresh for a long time, you should move it to a new, airtight container and throw away the previous one.

Apple juice may become bad if not kept under the right conditions, and drinking it after it has gone bad might make you sick.

How to Tell If Apple Juice Is Bad?

There are many different ways to tell if your apple juice is bad. Here are some signs that might indicate your apple juice is no longer safe to drink:

1. Smell

The first sign that your apple juice has gone bad is its smell. If it smells sour or yeasty, then it’s probably not good anymore. A strong smell may also mean there’s mold growing inside the container, which could cause illness if consumed by someone who hasn’t washed their hands recently.

2. Color

The color of your apple juice will also give you an idea about its safety level. If there are visible particles floating around in the container and they don’t look like chunks of fruit or pulp from the inside of an apple, then this could be another sign that your apple juice has gone bad and isn’t safe to consume anymore.

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